When life gives you stress…

Hey all!

This last month has been a busy one. I started a new class (Business Leadership) and begun a new job (temporary). Lets start by talking about my new job, amazing! I am covering a girls maternity leave, which makes me a little sad to have an end date to this job. I am however loving being back in long-term care. I miss building relationships and working with people with cognitive decline (Alzheimer and Dementia).

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Charming Nelson

One thing I know for sure… I dislike driving Highway 3, Crowsnest Pass. The road is winding which is awesome, but the hills. Those hills killed me. My ears were popping and hurting like crazy. It was such a slow highway and add in the curves and hills, took a lot of mental energy.

Now that I got my complaining out of the way, we arrived 7 ½ hours later. Nelson is such a cute little town. I instantly fell in the love with its charm. The downtown was full of old buildings and big trees. Lots of the little boutiques and shops lined the streets.

We stayed at Villa Motel which was about a 30-minute walk to the downtown area and after the driving we had done I was more then willing to walk a lot.

The first night there, I barely had enough energy for a shower and to eat. We hung out at the motel and had our sushi delivered via cab. There was no way either of us wanted to walk and there was no way I was going to drive somewhere until we left Nelson. The sushi was probably the worst sushi I had, it fell apart once you tried picking it up and didn’t taste that great. Since I was hungry I ate it anyways.

The next day we wander around and went to several coffee shops. Oso Negro was recommended by a friend for their coffee and treats. I had their coffee before and remembered it being so yummy. After that we walked around and went into a bunch of shops. I bought a ring, which was made by a local Nelson artist.

Lunch was down by the river on the patio. I was looking forward to this salad. Sadly, the salad or something that was in it irritated my stomach something fierce. I thought I could taste butter but I didn’t understand where it would come from since the meal was diary free and gluten free. It did taste amazing and the picture the server took of me with my meal just shows pure joy.

The weather yet again did not cooperate with us and it was cold and windy which eliminated SUP (stand up paddle boarding). One of these days I will try it. We opted to walk around some more and had coffee at another little shop.

On our way back to the motel we stopped at the restaurant we would be dinning at that night to check the menu to give us an idea of what we could have. The menu was pretty extensive with gluten free options.

After some much needed rest and reading we got ready and headed back to the restaurant for dinner. The restaurant is located inside the Hume Hotel and has a lounge as well as a restaurant. We decided to sit in the lounge which was last renovated in the 1970s. The decor and the  history of the Hotel is actually quite interesting.

I opted to go for a simple, easy on the stomach and whole food meal. I had a steak salad; mixed greens, carrots and beets, steak with oil and lemon for a dressing. Tasted amazing and no side effects. I had there Mango Sorbet which was fantastic, once I scrapped off the whip cream. Sigh, not vegan at all.

Breakfast the next morning was another failure. My stomach turned into a pit of acid. Other then the poor experiences with some of the food, I did really enjoy Nelson. I think I another trip would be needed and maybe a little more research into eating options.

Until next time Nelson…

XO Nicole

Camping food is the best food!

Just thinking of these meals again, makes me hungry!

I spent more time on food prep and planning then anything else for the whole trip. If I got hungry then there would be problems. Especially since I did not know what would be available around Tofino and did not want to take chance.

We did eat out once at The Sea Shanty. I had their shanty salad which was fresh and glorious. I learn’t something new here. The salad had hazelnut crusted goat cheese. I reacted with a upset stomach, itchy tongue and feeling unwell which is very similar to how I was before with Walnuts prior to the swollen tongue.


Now camping is where I was in my glory. Everything that I cooked camping I had done at home and knew it was going to work for me. The logistics of how well it would cook and how long was a different story.

Breakfasts weren’t anything special. One morning we had bacon and the other sausage with hash brown’s, coffee and fruit if we wanted. Lunches usually consisted of snacks, fruit, cracker, bars or whatever else we wanted, see this post.

First Dinner
This turned out to be the healthiest out the three dinners we had, burgers and a salad in a bag. It was simple but very tasty. I did not have any dressing on my salad and we chopped up some tomatoes for a little more veggies. I ended up eating my burgers like steaks. I have yet to find a bun that I can have which meets all of the foods.


Second Dinner
Pizza! This is where things got a little harder; I have never cooked a pizza on a fire.

Toppings: Homemade pesto, sauté peppers mushrooms and onions, bacon and crumbled goat cheese. This pizza was overloaded with amazingness! I had pre-made the pesto at home and froze it in ice cube trays so I brought two for the sauce. The crust was pre-made from a company in Calgary called Care Bakery.

I toasted both sides of the crust before adding the toppings. Now with no lid to cover the pizza and no way of heating the top and melting the cheese I got a brilliant idea. I took a piece of tin foil and folded the sides and put a piece of kindling on one end to make a little mini oven. It workout out really well and the pizza tasted really good and was hot.

Third Dinner
Since starting the elimination diet I have had an increase in my love for chicken wings. Ordering them out is basically out of the question now, so when the craving strikes I make them at home.

I make chicken wings on the BBQ a couple times a month. It’s quick, not messy and doesn’t heat up the house. Win, win! I figured cooking them on the fire would be just as easy. I also made little foil packages of potatoes, carrots and red onions.

Without tooting my own horn too much I would say the whole camping meals were a success. Out of the 5 meals I cooked I can’t say any of them disappointed.

If you have any questions or want more information leave a comment. I’d love to hear from you.

XO Nicole

West Coast Camping

The thing I was looking forward to the most with Tofino was camping and stand up paddle boarding (SUP). The forecast leading up with Tofino was not looking so hot. It was going to be in the mid teens (16-18C).

The campground books up quickly and we weren’t able to get a site right on the beach but we did have an ocean view. Which worked out really well.

I had heard from several sources that the highway leading to Tofino was a winding slow highway best not to be driven at night. I may be one of the few, but I love winding roads.

Bella Pacifica Campground

It took us around 5 hours to get to the campground from Victoria. Check in was quick and we found our site very easily. Located right near the washrooms, which was a bonus. Now if anyone plans on going out there and just loves the site we were at, it’s #93. The parking was a little tricky and first impressions were low but after we explored a little more, we fell in love with our “enchanted forest”. The tree cover would have been nice if it had rained however the protection made it much colder than it was.

The view was pretty spectacular. The trees of the campsite framed the ocean and beach nicely. We were also right beside the stairs so we had quick access to the beach.

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The weather was chilly the whole time around 16-17C and the water was insanely cold. We never did end up going SUP because of the temperature. It didn’t seem worth it to freeze and not have any way of warming up. We did however spend a couple hours lounging on the beach while the sun was shinning.

We spent our time walking to the various beaches, trails and did a trip into the town. I tried to use only my camera and keep my phone turned off. I really wanted the camping portion of the trip to be away from technology and social media and more on the nature and being present.

Side trips in the Pacific Rim National Park
-Chestermen Beach
-Long Beach
-Rainforest trail A & B
-Radar Hill and Kap’Yong Memorial

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I spent some time at this cool little coffee shop called Tofitian. There are couple spots inside but they have a cute little seating area outside. I sat here for around an hour enjoying my coffee and relaxing.


After visiting the town and spending the three nights camping there, I didn’t see what all the hype was about. Don’t get me wrong, it’s beautiful and lots to see and do but I almost felt let down. Maybe it was the cold weather and that it limited our activities.

XO Nicole

Vancouver and Victoria

Hey All!

This past weekend was my families 3rd Annual Camping trip. The weather could have been a little nicer but we had loads of fun 🙂

Now onto recapping the road trip to Tofino.

The first night of the trip we stayed in Surrey, now Surrey has a bad reputation for crime and what not, but this guest house we stayed at was in a richer area and was 5min from White Rock and was a steal of a deal.

Grace Guest House
The link will take you to my trip advisor review. I really don’t have much to add to this place other then it may be the weirdest set up that I have stayed at before.

We drove the 5min to go for dinner and a walk along the boardwalk in White Rock. Super pretty! By this time our stomachs were grumbling and we needed to find a restaurant that met gluten free for my friend and all of my food. We didn’t go far and ended up at…

Jan’s On the Beach
The meal was amazing! They have an extensive list of gluten free options including deep fried food. My friend and I shared the mussels and both order fish and chips. Jan herself was actually in the kitchen cooking up and served my friend and I our meals. Now the service wasn’t the greatest but the food made up for it.

On our way back from camping we stopped in Vancouver for a night to enjoy the comforts of a bed and a proper shower and let me tell you it was needed.

Douglas Guest House

My full review of the place is found here. This place felt like a luxury accommodation after camping and I think one of the best parts was it included breakfast. I was only able to have coffee and fruit but the rest of what came out of the kitchen looked delicious.

Now our stop in Vancouver was short and sweet and we basically had enough time to drive to Port Moody to visit with my friends friend and have dinner. We left bright and early the next morning.

There weren’t too many options for me here but they did have a detox bowl. It was listed as gluten free, vegan and vegetarian. I hadn’t eaten much that day so I opted to add some grilled chicken. Turned out perfect. The other girls meals looked good!

We spent one night here and most of a day. The weather was great and we walked around a lot which was nice after all the driving done up until this point.

Capital City Centre
I would definitely stay at this hotel (review) again if I ever find myself in Victoria. Since we were carrying food with us for camping it was magical when we walked in our room and we had an apartment sized fridge and freezer.

We got to experience both BC day and Symphony Splash. Symphony Splash was pretty cool, they had a floating stage where they performed and around 60,000 people sat around and listened. We wandered around the harbour by the Empress Hotel and looked at all the booths and then made our way to Fishermen’s Wharf.

Blue Crab
This might be by far the best places we ate at! The view was to die for and the food was mouth watering and amazing. My friend and I shared the mussels and clams as a starter. I ordered the Pesto Crusted Halibut but sans pesto since it has dairy in it. I feel like I have been cheated my whole life, the seafood was insanely fresh.

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After dinner my cousin and her husband were in town at their families condo. I hadn’t seen them in years so my friend and I wandered over and chatted with them for a couple hours. It was so good to see them and their girls and catch up on life. Our time was pretty awesome, as we were able to watch the BC day fireworks from their condo.

If you have questions or want more information leave a comment and I will respond. Feedback is always good too!

XO Nicole


Snack Attack!

I was a little worried that I wouldn’t be able to find much to eat while away so I decide to be overly prepared.

I wasn’t worried about fresh fruit and vegetables since we were heading to BC, land of amazing fruit. Except I did bring carrots for my friend and I to munch on on our drive out.

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Road Trip 2016- Destination Tofino

The Trip…

My friend and I drove out to the west coast of Canada, more specifically Vancouver Island, which is in British Columbia.

All the driving was intense but it was so beautiful. I didn’t get many pictures as I was behind the wheel but trust me it will take your breath away.

We covered a lot of ground, by a lot I mean approx. 3066km (1905.12miles) in 9 days. Here’s a little map to get a better idea of the places we went and the distance we covered.



Below is the calendar that I made up to help with the trip planning. This made it easier to see exactly which days we will be at in each location, the place we will be staying and approximate time it will take to get to get destination. Continue reading “Road Trip 2016- Destination Tofino”