Smoothie Pack

When it comes to food, I like to spend as little time in the kitchen as possible and since one of my goals it to make 75-80% of my meals at home, I had to get a little creative. Enter Smoothie packs.

I like taking smoothies to work and found that making them the night before and freezing them didn’t work as well. I decided I would make one in the morning but I noticed it took some time to get all ingredients together and I struggled going through the spinach and/or kale before it went bad. Plus I’d rather be enjoying a cup of coffee before the work day starts.
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Goals of 2016

Yeah I am a little late to talk about my goals of 2016 since we are almost through 2 months. Yikes! I have never been one to make New Years Resolutions for the sheer fact barely anyone keeps them. In fact one year I made a couple new years resolutions I knew I would break, haha.
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