Lessons Learned #1

Happy Easter Everyone!!

Its now been a week since I found out my food sensitivities. As I mentioned before I had some challenges the first day just looking around Community Natural Foods.

I completely gave up all those food items 100% on Monday. Now the count down is on, 240 days left as of today.

I have learnt a lot so far, which has been exciting and kind of sad all in one. Continue reading “Lessons Learned #1”


A Health Challenge


A little background. Around 2 years ago I was diagnosed with Hypothyroidism, my first thought to my doctor was can I try and treat this naturally. So my Naturopath and I treated it with supplements before it plateaued and I got frustrated. This really begun my interest in natural medicine.

Today I went and saw my Naturopath for test results of food sensitivity testing. I had a little “I won’t be able to eat anything” moments since she wanted to see me for a half hour. A bit of an over exaggeration if you ask me. I have always known some food don’t agree with me and after getting frustrated with my Thyroid treatment, I wanted to re look into natural treatments. After doing some good ole googling, I figure it was safe to assume that stomach health (immune system) could potentially cause this. Enter food sensitivity testing. My Naturopath agreed and we begun with some supplements for my adrenals and  I spent the $$$ for the food sensitivity testing. Continue reading “A Health Challenge”