Lessons Learned #2

Hey All,

With the elimination in full swing and entering my 4th week I have learnt even more. We are now at 224 days left.

I actually feel a whole lot better now without all stuff my body doesn’t like in my system. I thought I felt good before but this goes to show you can feel better.

Lessons Learned #2

1) Service staff do take the time to listen. The waitress at Original Joe’s sat down at the table when I said I have sensitivities. She wrote each down and guided me with what I could have.

2) Meal Planning can be fun and still taste good.

3) Once I changed my mindset on ‘Why’ I am doing this, cravings and the difficulty has gone away. I don’t even miss some of the foods

4) Emailing companies to get clarification on ingredients is super helpful. Especially with corn, it’s in everything and goes by numerous names.

Tripping planning for a weekend getaway and a road trip will be the challenge but I think I may just look at items I can bring from home. I have started looking and sent out some emails. Better to be prepared now then scramble last minute.

Now to keep things moving upward and forward.

For better health and life! 🙂