A dash of spice

When it comes to food I am not overly worried about complex flavours and experimenting with different herbs and spices. I usually just buy pre made mixes. When my journey started and I begun reading labels I realized how much crap is in some of the pre made spice mixes.

I remember seeing barley as the last ingredient on one of my usual blends. I don’t know the exact purpose is but I am guessing it’s a filler. I begun reading all the labels of my parents spice blend, more stuff listed I can’t pronounce.

This set me off on a google hunt looking for homemade spice mixes that mimic the mixes you’d find on the store shelf. It was a great surprise to find lots of various blogs with some pretty great recipes.

Off to the bulk barn I went to pick up the spices.

All of the spice mixes were actually really easy to make. I used a food processor to blend up a couple of the mixes to make a powder but other then that it was consisted of combine, stir and put into jars.

I personally made the following:
Cajun Spice Mix (I used garlic and onion powder instead of dehydrated)
Taco and Chilli Mix
Montreal Steak Spice
Ranch Dressing  <– I have yet to try this, I haven’t bought goat yogurt yet.

I love love love the cajun mix, I think I have put it on everything. I am excited to see how it’ll taste on beef jerky!

I have found all the recipes on Simple Bites and Wellness Mama, such great resources. So many to choose from!!!

I have found it helpful to go to a bulk store to get some of the spices and herbs I don’t have on hand plus you can buy the amount you need rather then a huge bag. Plus it’s actually cheaper this way, $0.10 for smoked paprika is perfect.

Hope you enjoy and try making your own. It really is easy and fun 🙂

XO Nicole

 P.S. This is another resource (Imgur spice mixes)


Lessons Learned #5

Well its been over a month since I last posted a Lessons Learned. Now I wasn’t very happy during that one with all the issues with the Doctor.

I feel like I am in a better place now 🙂

Lessons Learned #5

1) Sometimes you make slip ups when ordering food and thats OK. I did learn that dairy still bothers my stomach.

2) It all becomes normal. I can’t even remember what it was like prior to starting this and that makes me happy.

3) Creating a support system is vital. Not just people who are helping you along your journey but others who are going through similar experiences. I have turned to social media (blogs and Instagram) for the virtual support.

4) Don’t be afraid to reach out and talk to people going through similar things. You can learn more from them and who knows maybe make some new friends.

5) Be proud of your journey and don’t be afraid of telling your story when people are interested. You may just inspire someone to change their outlook on nutrition.

6) Experimenting with food becomes exciting. I have tried new recipes and found ways to recreate past favourites.

At my appointment with my Naturopath she was excited for me and the changes that have already happened. She believes that the change in my nutrition has resulted in my thyroid antibody being normal. With my medication being reduced with the hopes of still coming off of it, I am more determined then before.

I am beginning to believe that this will be a life long change with regards to my nutrition and eating. If it’ll nourish my body and keep me healthy and allow me to fight disease then why turn back.

XO Nicole