Road Trip 2016- Destination Tofino

The Trip…

My friend and I drove out to the west coast of Canada, more specifically Vancouver Island, which is in British Columbia.

All the driving was intense but it was so beautiful. I didn’t get many pictures as I was behind the wheel but trust me it will take your breath away.

We covered a lot of ground, by a lot I mean approx. 3066km (1905.12miles) in 9 days. Here’s a little map to get a better idea of the places we went and the distance we covered.



Below is the calendar that I made up to help with the trip planning. This made it easier to see exactly which days we will be at in each location, the place we will be staying and approximate time it will take to get to get destination.


I am a visual person, so this allows me to keep everything straight. Each trip I have planned usually has some kind of calendar like this.

Google Doc
I have used a google doc or the drive for school, for trip planning and to keep files. It’s a handy feature especially with multiple people looking at the same document. I also like how I can access the drive/document from any computer with internet and even on my phone.

Further below the calendar I listed the restaurants I researched which I could eat at, the break down of expenses, gear for camping list, as well as meal planning for camping. It kept all of the little details in one central spot :).


My plan with the next couple posts will go more into detail of the cities we stayed, review of the accommodations (which will also be on trip advisor), restaurants and things we did. I also want to do a little summary of what I learned while doing this road trip in regards to my new lifestyle (diet) and the experiences I had with planning what I would eat and what I would do differently the next trip I take.

XO Nicole


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