Snack Attack!

I was a little worried that I wouldn’t be able to find much to eat while away so I decide to be overly prepared.

I wasn’t worried about fresh fruit and vegetables since we were heading to BC, land of amazing fruit. Except I did bring carrots for my friend and I to munch on on our drive out.

Now the most important part…

Beef Jerky (Homemade)
Pretty simple to make. Either thinly cut the meat or I bought stir fry strips to save me some time. Marinade the meat for a day. I used a dry rub. Turn oven onto lowest setting and using metal skewers to hang the meat on. This way the air can fully circulate around the meat while it dries. I left it in the over for around 4 hours.

Bag O’ Nuts
I went to the bulk section and bought a variety of different nuts and seeds. I like making my own because you can control the amount of each nut/seed and how much salt and crap goes into it. I also had some raisins in my cupboard and added those to the mix.

Gluten Free Oatmeal
Again, I made my own. I used a mason jar as the storage container. I mixed the GF oats, cinnamon, sliced almonds and some raisins. Mixed it together and put in the mason jar. I used either cups or bowls to make some oatmeal when I was hungry.

I didn’t want to make everything I was bringing mainly to save myself some time. These bad boys were on sale so I stocked up and brought a bunch with me. Love them! Simple ingredients.

Rice crackers
I brought some rice crackers with me as well since its nice to have variety. They don’t go bad and my thought was that if I didn’t eat them then they could come home with me.

Turkey Pepperoni Sticks
These one’s by Grimm’s are probably the cleanest ones I have seen in the store. I bought them at Costco as a two pack (500g each) for around $14, which isn’t terrible. One package (500g) lasted the whole trip and gave me another protein source.

Brown Rice Protein
This stuff does not taste great on its own, kind of grainy but I took juice to add to it. I brought some in a ziploc bag and had it only a couple times but it was nice to have another protein source.

Now this might not be the healthiest options for snacks or the best. It worked with my food sensitivities was easily prepared and transported for the trip or until I ate it all. I didn’t have to worry while on the ferry that I’d have nothing to eat (which was true) and it saved me money from having to buy stuff there.

I am trying to get all my reviews done of the places I stayed and ate so then I can do the cities posts.

XO Nicole


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