When life gives you stress…

Hey all!

This last month has been a busy one. I started a new class (Business Leadership) and begun a new job (temporary). Lets start by talking about my new job, amazing! I am covering a girls maternity leave, which makes me a little sad to have an end date to this job. I am however loving being back in long-term care. I miss building relationships and working with people with cognitive decline (Alzheimer and Dementia).

What lead me here… Stress. It seemed like there was a lot of stress going on all at once but continuous, if that makes sense. There was some living arrangement stress, personal stress and work stress. I dealt with the living arrangement stress, was managing personal stresses but work stress wasn’t winning at all. I tried everything in my arsenal of tools to manage and cope with my stress at work.

I had made the decision at the end of last year and beginning of this year, that my goal was to be done school in two years, change careers into something different and see where that takes me. When it came to my current job I was also looking at changing locations and programs to add variety to my final years working in Physiotherapy and Occupational therapy.

So when stress got bad and this job opened up, I took the leap and applied. Best decision ever. The team is supportive, friendly, caring and the building is full of new people to meet.

So the reason I bring up my stress. I knew it could manifest and cause all sorts of problems in the body. I am not over exaggerating when I say this… I lost about half my hair. Clumps came out while I showered and I see thin spots which also look like they could potentially become bald spots. Now this caused me more stress. My hair is insanely thick, so it’s not obvious to people who don’t know me or my hair well.

Two things… Hair loss could be caused by 1) Hypothyroidism 2) Stress, plus some others. I went ahead did my blood work early for TSH and went and saw my Doctor. First thing he asked me was how my stress was. After we discussed that, we looked at my TSH, normal, 3.21. It went up but still in the normal range. Conclusion, stress related hair loss. He checked my hair for bald spots, none. My Doctor wanted to increase my Synthroid back to the previous level to rule out my thyroid but with me saying “no” a couple times I left with a prescription for my current dose.

I am currently in the process of trying everything to make sure my hair grows back ASAP. This may seem crazy but sometimes I catch my hair at a different angle and I get a little anxious with the thinning.

My list of random things to help my hair grow
-B and C Vitamins
-Increasing iron intake
-Boar bristle brush
-Massage my scalp while washing my hair
-Using natural shampoo/conditioner
-Getting it cut to reduce weight and dead ends

Combat Stress
-Continue with meditation at bedtime
Aromatherapy spray while studying and at bedtime
-Eating healthy foods

I am happy to say my hair is not falling out in clumps. I feel less stressed. More calm. Plus I can see frizzy short hairs, meaning hair growth!!!!

What techniques do you use when you’re stressed?

XO Nicole


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