Camping food is the best food!

Just thinking of these meals again, makes me hungry!

I spent more time on food prep and planning then anything else for the whole trip. If I got hungry then there would be problems. Especially since I did not know what would be available around Tofino and did not want to take chance.

We did eat out once at The Sea Shanty. I had their shanty salad which was fresh and glorious. I learn’t something new here. The salad had hazelnut crusted goat cheese. I reacted with a upset stomach, itchy tongue and feeling unwell which is very similar to how I was before with Walnuts prior to the swollen tongue.


Now camping is where I was in my glory. Everything that I cooked camping I had done at home and knew it was going to work for me. The logistics of how well it would cook and how long was a different story.

Breakfasts weren’t anything special. One morning we had bacon and the other sausage with hash brown’s, coffee and fruit if we wanted. Lunches usually consisted of snacks, fruit, cracker, bars or whatever else we wanted, see this post.

First Dinner
This turned out to be the healthiest out the three dinners we had, burgers and a salad in a bag. It was simple but very tasty. I did not have any dressing on my salad and we chopped up some tomatoes for a little more veggies. I ended up eating my burgers like steaks. I have yet to find a bun that I can have which meets all of the foods.


Second Dinner
Pizza! This is where things got a little harder; I have never cooked a pizza on a fire.

Toppings: Homemade pesto, sauté peppers mushrooms and onions, bacon and crumbled goat cheese. This pizza was overloaded with amazingness! I had pre-made the pesto at home and froze it in ice cube trays so I brought two for the sauce. The crust was pre-made from a company in Calgary called Care Bakery.

I toasted both sides of the crust before adding the toppings. Now with no lid to cover the pizza and no way of heating the top and melting the cheese I got a brilliant idea. I took a piece of tin foil and folded the sides and put a piece of kindling on one end to make a little mini oven. It workout out really well and the pizza tasted really good and was hot.

Third Dinner
Since starting the elimination diet I have had an increase in my love for chicken wings. Ordering them out is basically out of the question now, so when the craving strikes I make them at home.

I make chicken wings on the BBQ a couple times a month. It’s quick, not messy and doesn’t heat up the house. Win, win! I figured cooking them on the fire would be just as easy. I also made little foil packages of potatoes, carrots and red onions.

Without tooting my own horn too much I would say the whole camping meals were a success. Out of the 5 meals I cooked I can’t say any of them disappointed.

If you have any questions or want more information leave a comment. I’d love to hear from you.

XO Nicole