West Coast Camping

The thing I was looking forward to the most with Tofino was camping and stand up paddle boarding (SUP). The forecast leading up with Tofino was not looking so hot. It was going to be in the mid teens (16-18C).

The campground books up quickly and we weren’t able to get a site right on the beach but we did have an ocean view. Which worked out really well.

I had heard from several sources that the highway leading to Tofino was a winding slow highway best not to be driven at night. I may be one of the few, but I love winding roads.

Bella Pacifica Campground

It took us around 5 hours to get to the campground from Victoria. Check in was quick and we found our site very easily. Located right near the washrooms, which was a bonus. Now if anyone plans on going out there and just loves the site we were at, it’s #93. The parking was a little tricky and first impressions were low but after we explored a little more, we fell in love with our “enchanted forest”. The tree cover would have been nice if it had rained however the protection made it much colder than it was.

The view was pretty spectacular. The trees of the campsite framed the ocean and beach nicely. We were also right beside the stairs so we had quick access to the beach.

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The weather was chilly the whole time around 16-17C and the water was insanely cold. We never did end up going SUP because of the temperature. It didn’t seem worth it to freeze and not have any way of warming up. We did however spend a couple hours lounging on the beach while the sun was shinning.

We spent our time walking to the various beaches, trails and did a trip into the town. I tried to use only my camera and keep my phone turned off. I really wanted the camping portion of the trip to be away from technology and social media and more on the nature and being present.

Side trips in the Pacific Rim National Park
-Chestermen Beach
-Long Beach
-Rainforest trail A & B
-Radar Hill and Kap’Yong Memorial

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I spent some time at this cool little coffee shop called Tofitian. There are couple spots inside but they have a cute little seating area outside. I sat here for around an hour enjoying my coffee and relaxing.


After visiting the town and spending the three nights camping there, I didn’t see what all the hype was about. Don’t get me wrong, it’s beautiful and lots to see and do but I almost felt let down. Maybe it was the cold weather and that it limited our activities.

XO Nicole


Road trippin’

There is something about getting into my car and driving away which is ever so satisfying. I am happy to say this summer I will be doing just that with my friend.

We’re headed west to British Columbia to pay a visit to the west coast and Vancouver Island. Everyone has talked about Tofino and how amazing it is and I will get to see for myself. We don’t have every detailed ironed out except where we will be sleeping and the ferry.

Now I plan on doing a break down of the trip once it has happened and give more input into the places we stay and the things we do. But here is the outline…

Day 1: Drive to Vancouver
Day 2: Ferry to Victoria
Day 3 to 5: Tofino Camping
Day 6: Vancouver
Day 7-8: Nelson
Day 9: Home 😦

This road trip will be more of a challenge because I will be away longer and will have to really think and plan where I can eat. My friend is celiac and I am gluten sensitive (plus so much more), so if she can eat somewhere I should be able to find something. A couple months ago I sent probably 50 emails to different restaurants covering all the cities I will and have visited and locally to find out more information. Most of them already have options or are willing to accommodate me and my friend.

I have also spent some time looking into snacks I can buy here and bring or even make myself. Beef jerky, bars and energy bites will probably be staples for me. The beauty of going to British Columbia is all the fruit, cherries, peaches, apples, etc. I am not too worried because if else fails steamed veggies and plain meat are easy to request.

If you have been to any of the above places and have advise or recommendations please send them my way. Just under a month until I will be on the road 🙂

XO Nicole